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Choosing the right and high quality sanitary ware, at first sight - quite a simple task. In fact, you have to properly consider before coming to a final decision. For example, to find a good toilet is quite difficult. It should be completed in the dimensions of the room without making it too small, it should be comfortable height, have a good drainage system and meet the requirements of hygiene. Good toilet should be easy to wash, and it would be quite nice if it fit into the interior, and without distracting from the overall renovation of the room. It may seem that the diversity of models represented in stores and catalogs, has nothing to do with practicality and functionality, which means you can take any, guided only by appearance. This is not true. Even conventional toilets devoid of additional functions differ from each other depending on the shape and other parameters. We're really not talking about the wonders of technology, which set universally, for example, in Japan - they are more like the control panel on the control panel in the spacecraft. But even the simplest plumbing must be of high quality and properly serve for many years without causing you irritation permanent. Finishing the toilet - is also an important point, because this piece of furniture should not only well (ideally - attractive) look, but it is easy to wash and do not bother.
So, to choose a suitable toilet, need, first, to understand exactly what you need, and secondly, to get acquainted with the options that are on the market to get an idea of the difference between the models. On the last point, and we'll help you decide.

the best toilet

Hanging toilet - a relatively new trend. Suspended toilet is literally embedded in the wall, that is, tank and all pipes are not visible, but is visible only to the cup, literally hanging on the wall above the floor. Perhaps such a structure will make you mistrust, but we assure you, it is quite wrong. The installation, built into the wall, securely holds the toilet and all designs, but because you do not have to fear that too heavy a guest something will break. According to the manufacturer, these toilets can withstand the weight of 400 kilograms. Finally, the installation of hidden, literally immured in the wall, that is, it does not irritate and does not interfere. The only visible part - the button on the seat, by means of which the drain.

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